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  • Level 1 Silks Teacher Training & Level 1 Trapeze Teacher Training
    Location: Triangle Circus Arts
    Dates: October 21 – October 25 2017
    10am – 5pm
    30 Hours – 5 days
    With Instructors Rain Anya and Jessica Johnson

    Watch our demo video here:

    Paper Doll Militia’s program includes equal parts critical thinking, technique, and creativity with teaching aerial arts. This holistic approach to aerial instruction, emphasizes creating a well-rounded class setting and incorporates the company’s quintessential creative attention to the apparatus. The training also comes with Julianna Hane’s “Aerial Teacher’s Handbook”, which covers a broad range of topics included in the training. For more info on this book visit

    Interested in an aerial teacher certificate? We work with Born to Fly™ Teacher Trainings and Support, an aerial certificate program featuring live instruction and remote learning. After you take your live training course with Paper Doll Militia, you would then have the option to continue your education with Born to Fly™ through online resources, mentorship, and practicum hours.

    Level 1 Silks Teacher Training & Level 1 Trapeze Teacher Training run at the same time. Please choose either Level 1 Silks Teacher OR Level 1 Trapeze Teacher Training to attend.

    Level 1 Silks Pre-Requisities:
    – one year of aerial experience
    – Audition Video
    Skills for Audition Video:
    1 climb (both sides)
    Footlock (not from the floor)
    3 footlock skills
    Straddle invert from a climb

    Level 1 Trapeze Pre-Requisities:
    – one year of aerial experience
    – Audition Video
    Skills for Audition Video:
    Tuck under the bar
    Knee Hang
    3 under the bar skills
    3 on the bar skills (sitting or standing)
    Tuck in the ropes (upright – not inverted)

    Some highlights of Paper Doll Militia Teacher Training:
    • Skill Building and Technique
    • Spotting Techniques
    • Teaching with progressions
    • Techniques for creating your own creative progressions on the fly
    • Safe and creative warm up sequences
    • Injury prevention through strengthening, stretching, and PT exercises
    • Basic rigging guidelines
    • Functional Anatomy
    • Performative techniques, and expand the boundaries of “aerial arts”

    Cost: $850
    + $50 for Julianna Hane’s “Aerial Teacher’s Handbook” (Unless you already have the book)

    You will receive an email with the payment plan information after your registration has been submitted and your video has been approved.

    For more information email us at or go to our website. To register please fill out this registration form for either Level 1 Silks Teacher Training OR Level 1 Trapeze Teacher Training:

    Level 1 Silks Teacher Training:

    Level 1 Trapeze Teacher Training:

Upcoming Events



The best way to prevent someone from running away to join the circus is to bring them there yourself! Throw that special birthday person a party they won’t forget. We offer packages for all ages and ability levels.

Contact us for availability and pricing.


Team Building

Build trust and communication skills with your team by sharing an amazing circus adventure! We will introduce your group to a variety of circus skills and apparatuses while providing a fun outing for everyone. Our unique set of circus-themed activities will help foster group cohesion and build members’ confidence in themselves and their teammates.

Contact us for availability and pricing.

Space Rental

Triangle Circus Arts is available for rehearsal, workshops, and independent practice. Our 7500 sq ft facility has an extensive aerial zone, a tumbling floor, and an open area for Cyr wheel, unicycle, juggling, dance, and so on. We have 4 fixed points and 3 pulley points rigged on a truss, and 5 trapeze points. Custom rigging is available, and we can rig your equipment. Truss height is 19’5″, trapezes are rigged at 17’7″. Pulley points and trapeze rigging are adjustable to any lower height.

Contact us for availability and rates.

Equipment available

5 low stretch aerial fabrics

2 high stretch aerial fabrics

1 corde lisse (aerial rope)

1 set of straps

2 youth double point trapezes

2 adult double point trapezes

3 duo double point trapezes

15 ft tall chinese pole

Tumbling floor

2 sets of Acrobatic spotting lines

2 188cm Cyr wheels

Juggling balls, rings, and clubs

2 each of Youth and Adult unicycles

4 Stall bars

8 inch crash mats, 32 inch resi mat, stinger mat, panel mats, wedge mat, and spotting blocks